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Thai massage is an ancient form of bodywork that originated 2500 years ago with Buddha’s own physician, Shivago Komarpaj. Steeped in the Aryuvedic medicine of India, Thai massage incorporates massage, yoga, and energetic healing in an effort to create balance. Thai Massage uses an extensive variety of techniques: acupressure, compression, therapeutic stretching, joint mobilization, reflexology, and assisted yoga poses. The therapist stretches, presses, and massages with palms, thumbs, elbows and feet to improve muscle elasticity and tone, as well as free blocked energy channels. This movement energizes the whole body.

While Thai Massage does include a great deal of movement and stretching, you do not need to be flexible to enjoy it. The Buddhist monks who spent centuries developing this therapy ingrained meditation into the practice. The meditation focuses on love, compassion, altruistic joy and non-judgement. This intention and the versatility of the movement practice, require that Thai Massage manifest as a direct response to who you are in that moment with acceptance and care.