I have been practicing massage in the Portland community since 2008. Since the beginning of my practice, I have been inspired by and devoted to the traditions of Thai Massage. This tradition has created the frame for which I enter every session. It is my focused intention to meet each client with love, compassion, awareness and non-judgement. I continue to train extensively in techniques ranging from deep tissue work and trigger point therapy to myofascial techniques. I blend all of these influences into a style that is deep and rhythmic, using movement, stretching and breath to liberate joints and soft tissue from the pain and immobility of habits and injuries. I endeavor to blend my scientific understanding of the body puzzle with an artistic expression of energy and movement. Through this practice I have been honored to work with people experiencing a wide variety of challenges, from chronic pain to accident trauma. I enjoy supporting people through long journeys of deep healing, as well as those who find themselves in need of immediate help.

I'm continually appreciative of the way this therapy challenges our awareness and acceptance of ourselves. One so often seeks massage to deal with something uncomfortable: stress, pain, injury and anxiety. Together, client and therapist face the uncomfortable; an act which requires us to be honest and present with who we are in the present moment. The greatest work happens when the giver and receiver both honor their own individual practices of trust and communication, which together create a sacred space that allows for the uncomfortable things to arise and transform into profound experiences.

LOCATION: My Massage Studio is located in the Madison South Neighborhood in Portland, OR near NE Broadway and 80th Avenue. All clients will be emailed explicit directions upon booking. 



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Thai massage is an ancient form of bodywork that originated 2500 years ago with Buddha’s own physician, Shivago Komarpaj. Steeped in the Aryuvedic medicine of India, Thai massage incorporates massage, yoga, and energetic healing in an effort to create balance. Thai Massage uses an extensive variety of techniques: acupressure, compression, therapeutic stretching, joint mobilization, reflexology, and assisted yoga poses. The therapist stretches, presses, and massages with palms, thumbs, elbows and feet to improve muscle elasticity and tone, as well as free blocked energy channels. This movement energizes the whole body.

While Thai Massage does include a great deal of movement and stretching, you do not need to be flexible to enjoy it. The Buddhist monks who spent centuries developing this therapy ingrained meditation into the practice. The meditation focuses on love, compassion, altruistic joy and non-judgement. This intention and the versatility of the movement practice, require that Thai Massage manifest as a direct response to who you are in that moment with acceptance and care.